Cybersecurity Panel

MIC 22 Cybersecurity Panel

In case you missed it, Robert Moore, President of Inventiv Technologies, attended the Mortgage Innovator’s Conference of 2022 in Anaheim, California. Justin Kirsch of Access Business Technologies and Sandra James of Private Eyes Screening Group join Robert for a showcase panel on cybersecurity. Watch it here.

California Mortgage Bankers Association, Mortgage Innovation Conference

Technology and Earth Day

Earth Day

Once your computers are no longer needed or you purchase new devices, don’t throw them away! Recycling is the best option after you upgrade technology and no longer have a use for old computers, phones, or other electronic devices. After accumulating years of usage, your software, hardware, and devices should be refreshed to ensure your organization can work efficiently. Newer …

The Mortgage Collaborative Conference

Inventiv Technologies is pleased to announce that Robert Moore will be speaking at The Mortgage Collaborative conference in Miami on Monday, March 21st.

Practicing Cyber Hygiene

Keeping your information safe on a device goes beyond a secure Wi-Fi network, choosing a complex username-password combination, and not disclosing personal information online. Unfortunately, mindful online behavior is not enough to prevent the impact of others’ behavior, particularly those who are after your details and device access. All members of an organization must practice cyber hygiene regarding work device …

keep your passwords strong

Multi-factor Authentication, Better Password Protection

As the prevalence of cybercrime continues to grow, so does the critical need to maintain data security measures. A complex username-password combination is no longer enough to safeguard data, and the nature of human behavior is to blame for the risk associated with passwords. Like most people, you reuse and recycle credentials for convenience purposes. Multi-factor authentication is a somewhat …

2022 cyber attacks

IT and Cybersecurity Trends for 2022

Between the COVID-19 pandemic and the transition from office environments into working from home, we saw some extraordinary cyberattacks in 2021. As a result, cybersecurity and risk management with IT will continue to be a focal point for companies this year. Please continue reading as we discuss a few predictions experts anticipate for IT and Cybersecurity in 2022. Digital Acceleration …

phishing attack

Beware! Bad Actors have a devious new way to capture your login details!

As always – Do NOT open that PDF unless you are 100% sure it’s safe!  A new phishing attack has been discovered targeting Adobe users. This campaign uses an email that purports to be from the non-existent service Adobe Cloud, which informs the targeted individual that they have files to download.  The phishing attack carries all the hallmarks of previously …


What is Ransomware

Ransomware, a form of malware, works by encrypting files on an infected system, threatening to erase the data, or blocking access to the system. Once a device’s files are encrypted, the cyber threat actor (CTA) typically offers a ransom amount with contact information on the victim’s screen. CTAs are any state, group, or individual, whose intent is to maliciously exploit …