The Importance of Patching to Cybersecurity

Did you know almost 2/3 of data breaches could be prevented with proper patching?

According to the Ponemon State of Vulnerability Response Report, 57% of data breaches could have been prevented by installing an available patch.

Patching your IT systems is one of the most important ways to keep your company safe and productive. Your computers, phones, mobile devices and network equipment all need to be checked for software updates on a regular basis. Microsoft has updates that need to be deployed to your systems and devices each month. Other applications need periodic updates as well.

Unpatched systems are one of the major ways systems get compromised. Over the past several years a number of large breaches have occurred—including Marriott, Target, and the U.S. Voter Registry to name a few. All were related to unpatched vulnerabilities being exploited.

  • Marriott had 500 million records comprised between 2014 through 2018 related to unpatched software.
  • Target had 110 million people’s records comprised in 2013 related to unpatched systems.
  • The U.S. Voter Registry had 198 million voter records comprised in 2017 related to unpatched servers.

Every month, and sometimes more frequently, new patches are released and should be deployed to your systems. It is imperative that your systems are patched and updated on a regular basis. This is a recurring task that needs to be completed each month.

Unsure if your systems are secure and patched regularly? Give us a call at (480) 550-8108 to learn how Inventiv can help you reduce the risk of having a security breach and all the related problems that come with it, like data theft, data loss, reputation issues or even legal penalties.

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