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Inventiv delivers best-in-class information technology, managed services, digital transformation solutions, vCIO consulting services and more. Our solutions are always aligned to our clients’ business and IT needs. We deliver exceptional service and complete transparency to your business. We strive to exceed your expectations and to serve as a trusted adviser and partner. With Inventiv, you are never just a client.

Inventiv provides services and support to all industries. We understand that every partner has its unique challenges and requires customized business and IT solutions. In addition, our experts have years of specific experience and strength to serve the finance, banking, mortgage and manufacturing industries.


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Straight From The Clients

  • Inventiv and their team have been amazing to work with. We recently switched IT companies and have been blown away by the ease of the transition and the service they have provided. They are responsive and are always available to help when needed. Robert, Ben, Gloria and Joseph have taken such good care of us! I would highly recommend Inventiv Technologies for any of your IT needs!

    thumb Jill Teplitz
    October 13, 2021
  • Positive: Professionalism ,  Quality ,  Responsiveness ,  Value This team is AMAZING! I work with Joseph and Thomas the most I would say, but honestly, nothing is ever unable to be resolved. The tickets are answered within maybe 10 minutes? Remoting in when possible. Its just awesome and flawless, great team you have there, and great processes!

    thumb Dominique Haffery
    October 13, 2021
  • There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that Robert Moore and his team prevented my mortgage branch from losing significant revenue – by eliminating virtually any risk of downtime for us. My mortgage branch depends on our phones and computers working, and having Internet access at all times. Robert engineered a solution for us that provides dual circuit connectivity, automatic failover and traffic balancing. His team also upgraded our UPS resources to cover us in event of a power outage. These solutions prevented downtime for us on multiple occasions. Best of all, Robert explained everything to me in business terms and “English” – no technobabble!"

    thumb jane gregg
    December 13, 2020
  • I moved from an IT company that was failing me miserably 18 months ago. The new IT Company promised me the world and moved me to the cloud and I had nonstop issues. It was absolutely miserable for myself and my entire company. Turns out, we were set up wrong. I finally couldn’t take it anymore and found Inventiv Tech & Cody Porter. He straightened out the cloud, but based off the setup of my company, he decided to have our cloud server in our office. He set it up perfectly, caused us no downtime, and today, approx. 6 months later, our IT program is a dream. Everything works great! Cody didn’t promised me the world, he just delivered it. I would highly recommend Inventiv & Cody for your IT needs. Best part is he saved money in the process.

    thumb Baron Adelmann
    December 13, 2020
  • Positive: Professionalism Expert in the industry. Very responsive, and brings excellent value to clients.

    thumb Michael Dreifuss
    December 13, 2020

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Our pledge to excellence - Delivering trust, respect, care, commitment, and integrity is our passion, and is the driving force behind every one of our partner engagements.

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