2022 cyber attacks

IT and Cybersecurity Trends for 2022

Between the COVID-19 pandemic and the transition from office environments into working from home, we saw some extraordinary cyberattacks in 2021. As a result, cybersecurity and risk management with IT will continue to be a focal point for companies this year. Please continue reading as we discuss a few predictions experts anticipate for IT and Cybersecurity in 2022.

Digital Acceleration

Cloud and digital platforms will continue to host Systems and Applications, increasing the number of vendors you outsource to and how these 3rd parties handle and secure your data. When choosing new companies to work with, ensure their software offerings are secure, along with any other secondary vendors they use in their service offerings. It can be challenging to gauge the amount of work needed for safe digital transitions without understanding your environment, the software systems in place, and their interconnection.

As these digital business tools and services expand, becoming even more critical in the success of your business, the budget allotment for IT services will need to increase. The rise in cost for IT services is due to advancing automation tools, growing data volumes, the need to keep data for extensive periods, and the increased knowledge requirements to analyze the data.

Remote work locations 

Over the past few years, people have successfully transitioned from working in the office to working from home. This hybrid work model has become increasingly popular, in some cases, becoming a permanent adoption as organizations are finding unchanged and increased productivity from their workforce. However, the cost of monitors, docks, mice, and keyboards can add up significantly, so you will need to consider equipment for both locations in your budget. Over the next year, you’ll see an increased demand in the desire to maintain a hybrid working environment. Employees will continue to test these work-from-home boundaries with the extension of vacations by working in hotels and other non-home locations. The perimeter that your IT team needs to secure will expand – as you are no longer only securing the office building and internal equipment. You also must consider how individuals connect to the internet, personal printers, and other home equipment.

Increased growth and speed of cybersecurity threats

The effort criminals can get tools and information to attack will continue to get easier. Cybercriminals sell cyber-attacking as a service or Ransomware as a service (RaaS). Attackers will research companies to determine whether they appear able to pay the Ransome before targeting them. As a result, attacks on companies will become quicker as the tools and types of attacks increase. In addition, security threats will grow with the rise of internet-connected devices (IoT). Each day, homes and offices continue to expand the internet and Bluetooth-connected devices we rely on. As the number of these devices grows, your IT team will have an increased responsibility of making sure they are secure and safe for your environment.

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