Practicing Cyber Hygiene

Keeping your information safe on a device goes beyond a secure Wi-Fi network, choosing a complex username-password combination, and not disclosing personal information online. Unfortunately, mindful online behavior is not enough to prevent the impact of others’ behavior, particularly those who are after your details and device access.

All members of an organization must practice cyber hygiene regarding work device usage. For the sake of your organization and client’s security, it is essential to have an inventory of your systems, devices, and applications that require protection from cyber threats. Regardless of the actions one takes to protect their data and devices, establishing protocols and an effective incident response plan is crucial.

We have developed a checklist that your IT team can reference to determine where your organization falls in device security and best practices.


Device Security and Maintenance Measures

Use a Virtual Private Network (VPN)

Install Reliable Antivirus Software

Install Duo-Login or Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

Turn on WPA2 Encryption for Your Wireless Router

Protect Devices with a Firewall

Implement Identity and Access Management (IAM) Security

Install Encryption Software

Disable Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS)

Keep a Centralized Storage Solution

Hide Your Network with a Service Set Identifier (SSID)

Require Ongoing Employee Training for Cyber-Security Compliance and Protocols

Keep Software and Devices Up to Date


Behavior and Device Usage

Ignore Suspicious Emails

Practice the Principle of Least Privilege (PoLP)

Avoid Connecting to Public, Unsecured Wi-Fi Networks

Keep Family Members & Friends Away from Devices

Protect Online Banking

Use Complex Username-Password Combinations

Frequent Data Backups

Remove Unnecessary Devices and Software

Secure your Wi-Fi Network

Knowledge of Common Malware, Ransomware & Phishing Scams

Caution When Downloading PDFs, Documents & Clicking Links


Our experts at Inventiv Technologies have the knowledge and resources to help protect your organization’s information. Cyber-security services at Inventiv include security awareness training, email security, cyber-security software, internet firewall protection, virus protection solutions, secure network access, intrusion detection.

Contact Inventiv today and set up a consultation to learn how we can improve your organization’s cybersecurity.



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