"There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that Robert Moore and his team have prevented my mortgage branch from losing significant revenue – through the elimination of virtually any downtime for us. My mortgage branch depends almost completely on our phones and computers working and having Internet access at all times. Robert engineered a solution for us that provides dual circuit connectivity, automatic failover and load balancing. His team also upgraded our UPS resources to cover us in event of a power outage. These solutions have prevented downtime for us on multiple occasions. Best of all, Robert explained everything to me in business terms and the ROI that the solutions provided."
Jane Gregg - Branch Manager at WVMB
"I give the highest recommendation for Robert Moore. Robert's skills go beyond his knowledge of technology and support. Robert has excellent communication skills used successfully to interact with the business units that were dependent on Robert's team. Robert is personable and professional and highly regarded by his team members and peers."
Mark Plasters - Divisional Manager at NewRez Correspondent
"Few people have a package put together like Robert Moore. He has the intelligence, business knowledge, technical knowledge, work ethic, and leadership qualities that make him a truly effective business professional who produces results and engenders both trust and productivity in his teams."
Scott Alloway - Technology & Operations Consulting Solutions

I just feel so special when I come here. I was about 30 minutes late, but Joseph was ready for me. He fixed my laptop and phone and helped with numerous other things that I needed. I am very impressed and pleased. You guys are amazing!

Kelly McCurdy - Loan Officer at V.I.P Mortgage
"I recommend Cody to everyone. He is an excellent resource technically and is very well-informed regarding IT related support. His attitude is centered on working together and getting it done. He is a breath of fresh air when you need answers and a solid support person to work thru issues."
Steve Hejduk - Client Engineering Manager at CDW
It’s safe to say that Cody exceeded expectations and I would recommend him to any organization interested in a hardworking, dedicated and dependable support partner. His professional approach and positive attitude towards his job make him a pleasure to work with.
Richard Causey - Sales Manager at Phoenix Heliparts
Cody Porter has the ability to assess the problems at hand and formulate solutions. He has the ability to bridge both hardware and software situations. I often found myself using him as a resource.
Timothy Heying - Owner / Managing Partner at Virgin Valley Recycling